Chapter Leadership

Mackenzie Barnett

Vice President of Membership

The VP of Membership oversees all plans for recruitment and retention of members within the chapter, ensuring formal membership recruitment and informal recruitment are well planned, detailed, and organizes are in the VPM's purview. They serve as the chair of both the membership selection committee (MSC) and the membership team, and provides leadership and guidance to those on the teams

Mackenzie Martin

Vice President of Finance

The VP of Finance oversees all operations of chapter finances, manages individual member accounts, creates and maintains the chapter budget, and educates the chapter about financial status and procedures. They serve as the chair of the finance team, providing guidance and leading the collegiate chapter treasurer and licensing chair.

Val Chavez

Academic Development Chair

The responsibility of the Academic Development Chair is to serve as an expert on the chapter's academic requirements and initiatives, and to ensure that academics are a priority for both individual members and the chapter.

Makenzie Vinson

Collegiate Chapter President

The responsibility of the Collegiate Chapter President is to serve as the leader for the chapter, set a vision for the chapter's direction and be knowledgeable about all facets of chapter business and operations. The President serves as the chair of officers' training committee (OTC), working to inspire officers to work toward accomplishing the chapter's goals.

Rebecca Kovacs

Vice President of Administration

It is the responsibility of the VP of Administration to manage the coordination of chapter meetings and administrative functions of the chapter. Ensuring rosters, reports, applications, and other data are appropriately up to date and submitted on time are in the VPA's purview. The VPA is the chair of the officers' council (OC) to ensure all officers are working cohesively toward a common vision for the chapter, as well as the chair of the administration team.

Sami Dickerson

House Manager

The House Manager oversees all administration involved in managing and maintaining the chapter facility ass well as any Tri Delta territory. They also ensure the environment created is safe and inclusive and to be the expert on sections of the Governing Documents regarding housing and Tri Delta territory. The HM ensures all dates related to the facility are communicated to the chapter in advance.

Bre Johnson


The collegiate chapter secretary (SEC) assists in managing the chapter’s administration. The SEC keeps all necessary meeting documentation, manages the administration of attendance at chapter events, and maintains chapter records.

Kimmy Christnacht

Vice President of Chapter Developement

The VP of Chapter Development (VP/CD) educates the chapter about the expectations of Tri Delta membership and preserves the integrity of Tri Delta Rituals. As chair of the standards committee, the VPCD serves as an expert on Tri Delta standards and policies.

Rachel Pevehouse

BodyImage3D Coordinator

It is the responsibility of the Body Image Coordinator to coordinate chapter participation in BodyImage3D and educate the chapter about events on campus about body image. The body image coordinator serves as the primary point of contact for the BodyImage3D Program and must effectively communicate the BodyImage3D date(s) and expectations to members.

Morgan Bettner

Continuing Education Chair

It is the responsibility of the Continuing Education Chair (CEC) to incorporate events, activities and presentations designed to preserve chapter and Fraternity history and that generate overall Tri Delta pride.

Mia Klek

Member Development Chair

It is the responsibility of the Member Development Chair (MDC) to promote chapter and individual growth and provide relevant opportunities that develop individual members and strengthen sisterhood among the membership. The MDC oversees the developmental experience of each member by providing support and structure during a critical part of their lives. The MDC honors the legacy of our Founders’ by providing an undergraduate membership experience focused on self-development, growth and meaningful friendships.

Meghan Pender

Music Chair

It is the responsibility of the Music Chair to preserve the integrity of the musical traditions of Tri Delta through appropriate preparation and rehearsal. The Music Chair (MUS) will prepare chapter members to include songs in appropriate chapter Rituals, events and performances.

Hayley Paladines

Licensing Chair

The responsibility of the Licensing Chair is to ensure integrity and positive brand perception of Tri Delta. All items that bear a connection or likeness to Tri Delta shall be philosophically parallel with the Ritual of Delta Delta Delta, meet all brand standards and be in accordance with the trademark of Tri Delta.

Montana Malmen


It is the responsibility of the Collegiate Chapter Treasurer (TREA) to work directly with the VPF and the Licensing Chair to assist in the overall operation of the chapter finances. It is also the responsibility of the TREA to ensure chapter bills are paid in a timely manner and assist with maintaining the chapter budget.

Luci Rossi

New Member Educator

It is the responsibility of the New Member Educator (NME) to implement Tri Delta’s New Member Education Program, ensure new members are informed about their expectations of members and financial obligations, are appropriately integrated into the chapter, and prepared for Initiation and lifetime membership in Tri Delta.

Delaney Schmidt

Sponsor/Reference Chair

The Collegiate Sponsor/Reference Chair is to contribute to a culture of year-round recruitment by collecting, processing and organizing all references submitted to the chapter. They also oversee the incorporation of references into recruitment preparation throughout the year. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor/Reference chair to contribute to the integration of new members and overall membership retention by implementing a completed sponsor program.

Morgan Timmons

Vice President of Public Relations

It is the responsibility of the VP of public relations (VPPR) to oversee all public relations for the chapter in collaboration with fellow Tri Delta officers. The VPPR strives to elevate the Tri Delta brand and values throughout the chapter and ensure all public relations efforts follow the Governing Documents of Tri Delta. The VPPR also leads the entire public relations team through ongoing communication with her officers and remains current with Fraternity and campus news or initiatives.

Paige Boomer

Social Events Chair

It is the responsibility of the Social Events Chair (SVC) to coordinate logistics for social events of the chapter and to partner with the risk management chair (RMC) to ensure safety of members is a priority at events. The SVC must also ensure all social events follow Tri Delta event policies, and serves as the primary point of contact and liaison to any vendor partners, volunteers or fellow student organizations for all social events.

Kari Roemer

Chapter Correspondent

It is the responsibility of the chapter correspondent to oversee written communication to individuals or groups the chapter works closely with. The chapter correspondent highlights positive accomplishments of members or alumnae and thanks members, alumnae or other organizations for their support. The chapter correspondent is also responsible for promoting sisterhood through notes of thanks, encouragement or congratulations.

Sarah Weller

Alumnae Relations Chair

It is the responsibility of the collegiate - alumnae relations chair to establish and maintain a strong working relationship with local alumnae and local alumnae chapters. The collegiate alumnae relations chair takes the lead on timely communication to alumnae on relevant chapter information or events, and collaborates with fellow Tri Delta officers to ensure alumnae are present at chapter events throughout the year.

Marissa Hettel

Panhellenic Delegate

It is the responsibility of the Panhellenic Delegate to represent Tri Delta in all official business of the College Panhellenic Association. The Panhellenic delegate is the voting delegate for the chapter in Panhellenic meetings and therefore is familiar with all governing documents for the College Panhellenic Association. The Panhellenic delegate is also responsible for reporting back to the chapter on Panhellenic business and promoting Tri Delta support at Panhellenic initiatives or events.

Naomi Klingbeil

Philanthropy Chair

The Philanthropy Chair is responsible for planning and implementing all fundraising efforts for the chapter and chapter education regarding Tri Delta’s three pronged philanthropic approach. The philanthropy chair serves as the primary liaison to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and partners with fellow officers to promote fundraising efforts and awareness of Tri Delta philanthropic work.

Kenzi Parsons

Risk Management Chair

It is the responsibility of the Risk Management Chair (RMC) to promote safety by assisting the social events chair (SVC) in event planning and educating chapter members about risk management. The RMC must be familiar with and follow all Tri Delta policies for events and risk management. It is also the RMC’s responsibility to establish and educate chapter members on what to do in the case of an emergency on campus, within the chapter or within the chapter facility.